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We could have been brunching

“I don’t miss city life - we could have been brunching in some fancy café”

Genuine sentiment. Zero sarcasm. Uttered by my friend today as we slid down leaf slick slopes in the woods.

This mentality is what drew me to the mountains, and finding people that share this is what keeps me here. I need to become a better writer to properly express the overwhelming desire to be in this environment. For now I don’t have the words.

Part of this course was about stripping away the societal status pressures, reminding people that there is more to life than work, and that there is more to work than material gains.

In my past, city-centric life, someone told me I was the most ambitious person they knew. I objected heavily, never having been motivated by money or acquiring stuff. We had a brief clumsy conversation around the issue but now I understand they meant ambitious in acquiring a life that suits me.

It’s not been easy getting here, but I’m here, and it feels like things are only just beginning.

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