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I broke the streak.

I’ve been bone achingly tired lately. It’s been building up and finally washed over me, so I stopped. I hunkered down under my duvet, snoozed through a lot of Netflix, and rested. It’s something I’m not great at. I have to remind myself that it’s ok to stop. In fact, it’s better (far better) to stop before you get to the engulfed stage.

The daily drafts didn’t even enter into my mind. I have a sort-of plan now though: sharing content that I find interesting, and sharing my business / life insights (for lack of a better phrase). Writing that down feels awkward. Who am I to think that I have things to say that others might find useful? But on reflection, I think I do. I’ve lived in eight different countries; worked for small businesses, global corporations, charities, and been self-employed; run events, managed volunteers, coached athletes, and developed programmes. Every aspect of my life now is different to two years ago. I’m hoping a connecting thread will appear as I keep going.

I’ll be back tomorrow…

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