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Still no plan

Updated: Jan 23, 2022

Back again, still no plan, although I have fallen into a pattern of writing late at night. The remember-to-write alarm that goes off every morning at 9am is doing its job, even if it’s not kicking in until 23:35. Weirdly I can’t bring myself to put this off until tomorrow, unlike the dishes (the morning’s coffee will be served in my strawberry camping mug), or putting away the washing. I have built the foundations of a commitment to myself and I can’t bring myself to break it.

I listened to a podcast recently that was talking about how our brains stop us from doing things that we know we want to, or should do. It was something to do with the reward signals I think. I can’t really remember the details, or what it was called,* but now I’m not going to sleep until I find it.

It’s just started raining. A shift in the weather – the maps are beginning to change to shades of blue, even purple on some – and a marking of the next season.

*You Can't Always Want What You Like - The Happiness Lab

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