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'The Science of Quitting' - a recent episode from the A Slight Change of Plans podcast that's stuck with me and become one of those that I keep recommending to people.

Quit while you're ahead is something we're often told, but the idea of quitting before you get ahead is usually discouraged. This episode discusses the importance, sometimes life-saving, of learning to recognise when you need to leave a situation. It's not going to get better. It may go against everything you're told but it's an awareness worth cultivating,

Should we be so set on completing or persevering with something that it's to the detriment of other aspects of your life? If you have a gut feeling that something's not right, how long can you ignore it before you realise you should have cut and run?

There's not enough time to waste it on people or situations that aren't working. Start paying attention to your instincts.

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