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Mutual respect

I watched the Anna Gasser film, The Spark Within, last night, then, I messaged my brother:

My niece should watch this.

His reply: I’ll try but she’s more into mountain biking right now.

She is only 2 though so there’s still hope.

I am excited for her to grow up in a world where female sport is not only becoming more visible, but actively celebrated and applauded for the skill, expertise and dedication of the athletes.

You’ve probably heard the idea that you are the sum of the people you surround yourself with. The idea of a community, finding your tribe, etc., however you want to frame it - those around you will push and propel you forwards in ways that you may not even notice at the time.

It is BIG in the business coaching and entrepreneur world and can often seem abstract and unattainable but if you view it through the lens of progression in sport the concept becomes more tangible.

Mutual respect for the effort and dedication involved. A helping hand when needed. Supportive acknowledgment of inevitable setbacks. Everyone is chasing the same goal, and it’s bound to be more fun trying to get there with other people.

ps. you should watch The Spark Within too - it's on RedBull TV

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