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Ten minute timer is on…

Missed my writing time but it’s only 10 minutes so I can fit that in somewhere…what’s more challenging is the inquisitive kitten who is lurking on the other side of my screen. Intrigued by the tapping of keys she’ll timidly peer over, launch herself onto my hands then bound off behind the sofa before doing it all again.

I am undecided whether I should come up with a list of topic ideas or just go with whatever nonsense pops into my head on a daily basis. The idea of routines makes sense and appeals but it’s always so hard to put into practice. I think the key is in not over complicating it. Not overcommitting. A plan to move for at least 30 minutes everyday is far easier to stick to than going for a run every day (like I said, I’m not a runner). The variety helps, I think. Building in some flexibility.

So, I think the plan for this needs to be to write for 10 minutes everyday, aim for the morning but if that doesn’t happen to fit it in at some point, and to not get too hung up on what to write. Oh, and not to edit before posting. The doing is the task at the moment, not the content. I think I will start a list of topic ideas, for ‘emergencies’.

Right, the alarm’s just gone and the kitten attacks are now happening with increasing frequency so it’s time to stop for today.

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