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In need of a plan

Updated: Jan 23, 2022

I've come to realise that if this is to stand any chance of continuing then I need to have some kind of plan in place.

By nature I am an organised, plan-it-out-in detail kind of person. I'm not great at the big picture. I need to understand how, and why. The details, the implications, the possibilities.

I'm not tied to a plan though, it's just there to provide the direction. Spending time working out the details allows you to respond more effectively to changes or unseen issues than if you set off with no prep at all, other than an end point to aim for.

Actually, rewinding a bit here, for me, it's why then how. I need to understand why the end result is important. Is it the right goal to be aiming for?

Anything I'm putting my time to needs to have a purpose that I support. It's probably why I've struggled to stick with a 'proper' job for more than around two years, but it's also why I'm struggling with where this is going.

It's why I joined the course - to try and find some purpose. It didn't really solve that, although it has made me start this, which to me definitely feels like part of a process.

So, back to the need for a's needed now, some kind of outline to both challenge me, and keep these Daily Drafts going. The timing feels right.

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