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Habit building

Day 8. That’s officially a week-long streak and, I have to say, I’m quite impressed with myself. I think reaching the second and third week milestones will be the true test though.

I’m becoming aware of my daily cadence - the daily reminder I have in my phone for 9am has been consistently ignored.

Every. Single. Day.

I’ve learnt that 9am is not a good ‘sit down to write’ time for me, even for 10 short minutes, but I’m reluctant to move it to later in the day because what that daily reminder does is lodge the idea of writing in my mind, where it lingers and pesters throughout the day.

Eventually I’ll pay heed to it and off I go. Usually mid-afternoon. I’ve only had one day so far where it slipped my mind completely until very late at night, and even then the idea of just 10 minutes made it manageable enough to get it done.

Is this how the initial stages of building a new habit go? The most important part is the doing of the thing in question, then over time it settles into a place that makes maintaining it easier? I’ll find out...

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