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Falling at the first hurdle. Almost.

I'm doing a course.

In the latest lesson we spoke about the incentive to not break a streak. How starting something then continuing it can help you to get places.

Small wins, daily. Often imperceptible, but building up over time.

It's about finding and owning your identity. You want to be a marathon runner? You need to get out and start running.

These aren't new ideas but they were framed in a way that stuck with me.

I don't want to be a marathon runner. The identity I want to take on is a writer...more accurately it's an identity I want to grow into and develop. To explore. But, as was discussed in the lesson: how can this happen if I'm not writing? My counter argument is that I am writing. Constantly. Daily. I make a living from hitting keys and arranging words on a page to convey meaning to others.

But I'm not practicing. I am just doing.

So, to this future identity I am making a commitment of a daily practice:

Say you'll do a thing. Make sure you do the thing.

Cross the day off. Repeat. Aim for the winning streak.

I nearly fell at the first hurdle. I've been ill. I slept in. Prioritised catching up on everything that's been neglected this week. It would have been too easy to abandon this before I started but, here I am.

Ten minute musings. Daily drafts.

Never miss twice.

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