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The streak is well and truly broken, and I'm ok with that.

I felt that this was the right time to commit to a public daily writing practice, but things are a bit chaotic, and I have other priorities right now.

Daily practices and morning routines are held up as the foundation of success. I don't dispute this. Daily yoga makes me ache less. Daily planning leads to better productivity. Daily walks keep me sane. But there's only so much you can fit in, and there has to be some room for the unexpected.

Time blocking is another championed tactic. I've tried it. Again, I can see the benefits but it's hard to work in practice. Boundaries are not a strong point, with others or, as it turns out, myself.

I think it's ok to dip in and out of these tactics. This isn't just me justifying breaking the streak to myself. I think it comes back to timing. One day something will shift and priorities reorder. You have to go with it and not get too hung up on it. Little steps are always better than nothing, and sometimes you need a break for things to filter through.

So, today I'm shifting to Dailyish Drafts.

Chat soon.

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