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Changing perspective

Ok, so, maybe I got a little bit cocky two days ago. Writing totally slipped my mind yesterday until just before I was about to go to bed. It’s funny though, although I didn’t set a timer and do the ten minutes, I still felt compelled to post something, I couldn’t let it slip completely.

Anyway. It’s made me think again about priorities. A lot of the content on the course that initiated Daily Drafts was around identifying what’s important to you, figuring out your priorities, and where you can have the most impact. I’m working on the impact side of things, but what’s important to me is being in control of my time. I have spent more hours of my life than I care to imagine in an office, behind a screen, on someone else’s clock.

What’s also important to me is being active and spending time outdoors. It really does feed my soul. I draw energy from being in nature. It recharges me in a way nothing else quite does.

And here I’m surrounded by it. Except lately (the last 6 months if I’m honest) I’ve mainly just stared at it from behind a window.

There’s a deep rooted sentiment in me that I need to be working all the time. I'm not completely sure where it comes from, although I'd hazard a guess at a mix of my upbringing and societal expectations, but I’m starting to realise it’s not necessary. I need to work enough, but that doesn’t mean all the time.

Honestly, I feel slightly queasy just writing that.

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