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AI, don't

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

Is AI the future? I don't think so. And that's not because my field is slowly succumbing to AI's suffocating reach. Technology is great for lots of things but when the human understanding is taken out of it how can anything get fixed? This ((potential (let's see where it goes)) rant stems from recent interactions with online advertising and coming up against the inexplicable blanket application of policy violations for content and copy that doesn't reference any of the supposed infractions. Clicking on the underlined blue text promising answers on how to fix the situation sends you down a rabbit hole of unclear suggestions until you stumble into the community help forums, full of requests posted into the ether from others in the same desperate situation (has anyone actually had a satisfactory resolution to a question posed on a social media platform's community help forum?). Anyway, I managed to divert a sales call into a request for help only to be told 'Yeah, it doesn't make sense. Even we don't know how a lot of these decisions are made'. This from an employee of a giant tech firm. AI might be taking over but we'll always need human connection, understanding and interpretation.

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